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With faux painting, you can decorate your room in a way a simple paint job just can’t match. With our faux painting services, you can transform any room into a sophisticated marble temple, a palace straight from the renaissance, a rustic wood cabin, and much more!


If you’re looking for more options when painting your home, faux painting will open up countless amounts of design possibilities.

Want an alternative to the bland colors of paint?

Select the best technique for each room:

  • Marbleizing

  • Fresco

  • Graining  

  • Venetian plaster

  • Color wash

  • Strié

  • Rag painting


If you have any questions about our faux painting techniques, don’t hesitate to call our office and ask!

FREE estimates are available for faux painting! Call now!


Enhance your home’s elegance with stunning faux painting

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